Soilsmith Services - Improving Soil Biology
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Soilsmith Services - Improving Soil Biology

Our Services

Soilsmith Services serves residential and commercial clients, including farmers, growers, and nurseries in Oregon and throughout the USA, with telephone calls, on-site visits, soil tests and interpretive evaluations, design of seasonal programs, production and application of compost products, workshop presentations, and speaking engagements.

Consulting. Through telephone calls, on-site visits, and written reports, we plan for beneficial results: Improve soil tilth. Reduce insect and disease pressures. Reduce irrigation and fertilizer needs. Improve yields, flavor, and shelf life of edible crops. Improve uniformity of spatial growth in plants.

On-site visits are used to estimate the nature of a given land area. Every place is unique; what may work for your neighbor down the road, may or may not work on your land.

Soil tests enable us to understand existing soil biology and chemistry providing a foundation from which wise decisions can be made. We share our interpretation of test results and design plans for specific needs.

Applications. Beneficial products such as compost tea can be applied to residential property, greenhouses, and small acreage from our Soilsmith Services truck with a 200 gallon skid-sprayer and 300 feet of hose. Also common: injection into existing irrigation systems and use of personally-owned sprayer equipment and/or holding tanks.

Workshops. We conduct workshops on compost tea production with the residential KIS 5 gallon machine.

Speaking engagements. Shepard Smith is available as a public speaker using PowerPoint presentations or an overhead projector. Dates are primarily scheduled in the winter between December and March.

In February 2012, Shep spoke about compost tea on WMNF radio in Tampa, Florida.

In March 2012, Shepard Smith was a featured speaker at a forum in Oregon.

Contact us for more information about Soilsmith Services and your free, initial consultation.

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