Soilsmith Services - Improving Soil Biology
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Soilsmith Services - Improving Soil Biology

Our Products

Based near Philomath and Corvallis, Oregon, Soilsmith Services produces and applies a liquid extract of high quality compost, "compost tea," to help develop improved conditions for a lawn, garden, orchard, or farm. Soilsmith Services also provides compost, screened compost, and McKenzie Glacial Rock Flour.

Compost Tea

Compost tea, a water extract of high quality thermal compost, can be ordered for delivery and applied with a Soilsmith Services truck with a 200-gallon skid-sprayer and 300 feet of hose.

Orders are specific to your need, either delivered or delivered and applied. Prices are based on the number of gallons needed, undiluted, for recommended seasonal programs.

Single applications in a new setting are rarely effective. Establishment of this natural material requires at least a follow-up application increasing the chances of showing the potential benefits that can be realized with this follow-up.

A "program" approach should be considered. A minimum approach would include 2 applications spring and fall. Generally, these would be ground applications, to awaken the soil first and later, in the fall, give something back after harvest and setting in place benefits for the following spring.

Applications follow the rule that considers the stages of plant development, of potential disease or pest cycles, fertility support during the growing season and more. So timeliness is a strong consideration.

Soilsmith Services offers an annual service, giving the client the best chance to realize the benefits, teaching the client the important intervals during the growing season and passing on the means to integrate this approach to plant management on the clients property.

It has been found that considering this means of plant health, other inputs can be reduced by 20-35% within the first year. An approach to natural farming and gardening, using materials long recognized by the microbial communities found in our soils, can lead to an awareness of the importance to "feed the soil" and the soil will in turn, feed the plant.

Minimum order (local, small applications) $50.00 - outer area applications based on location.

4-gallon buckets: $20

# of
801 +


     1-year aged compost: $50/yard
     1-year aged compost with calcium: $60/yard


     Minimum 3 yard delivery, maximum 6-7 yard delivery.
     There is no charge for delivery to "Southtown" Corvallis (Oregon).
     Minimal delivery charges for other locations.

Screened Compost

     Multiple years aged and screened for purity.
     27" x 35" x 27" wooden box, approximately 400-450 pounds: $200
     27# bucket: $14.99
     Inquire about quantity discounts.

McKenzie Glacial Rock Flour

     Extremely fine for availability to soil and plants.
     $4 per 6-pound pail
     $14/case of 8 pails (48 pounds)
     Inquire about quantity discounts.

Contact us for more information about Soilsmith Services and your free, initial consultation.

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