Soilsmith Services - Improving Soil Biology
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Soilsmith Services - Improving Soil Biology


We know how to get good results.

Here are a few representative comments from clients of Soilsmith Services:

Hay: "Best quality and yield EVER from this 30 acre field." - M. Devos, Philomath, Oregon (logged previous five years)

Tomatoes: "Late summer rains caused Late Blight (LB) to explode in the Willamette Valley yet with two foliar applications by late August, no LB in these field tomatoes and allowed harvest into mid October and no cracking of fruit after over an inch of rain in three weeks!" - GTF Farms, Philomath, Oregon

Christmas Trees: "Best growth (10-16 inch leaders) and health in trees since planting four years ago... and no fertilizer since 2003!" - S. Faust, Philomath, Oregon

tomato and zinnia
"Tomato plants from gathering together farm planted in pots with just your compost.
We just threw down a couple packets of zinnia seeds in your compost and this is how they turned out."
- Katie Anthony

Residential: "Growth and flowering is so abundant, we can no longer see the road in front of our house!" - D&L Hendricks, Corvallis, Oregon (opted for landscape perennials instead of a lawn)

Commercial: "New planting of Belladonna wouldn't pull out of the ground when first harvesting, a common occurence in years past where shallower root systems were the norm!" - 4-T Acres Flower Farm, Dayton, Oregon

Pond: "Now, I can see how many fish I have. The water lotus seems to have finally taken hold and spread out - secretly shading the pond surface and reducing the incidence of algae growth... naturally!" - J. Dow, Oregon

Soilsmith: children on compost in truck

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